Caring in the (Kubernetes) Community

I recently co-hosted the June edition of the Cloud Native + Kubernetes Manchester user group. We had two fascinating talks at this meet. Up first was Andy Burgin from Sky Betting & Gaming who shared the story of their DevOps Transformation powered by Kubernetes. For the second talk, Tristan Watson & Mike Ward from BookingGo shared war stories of how NOT to build a Kubernetes cluster.

SkyBet SkyBet

Contributing to Kubernetes or the Cloud Native space can come in many forms and does not just have to be a ‘code’ contribution to a project. Involving yourself in your local Cloud Native community is just one of the many ways you can contribute to the community! I have personally found that helping to co-organise in the Manchester community a truly rewarding experience and look forward to continuing to co-ogranise future events.

I am lucky to be part of a group of co-organisers that includes some very experienced event organisers and that is great for learning how to go about hosting a good quality community focussed event.

If you are looking for more details about Cloud Native + Kubernetes Manchester, see the meetup group here.